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2 Easy and Cheap Ways to Elevate Your Home

Stylist Tips: 2 ways to elevate your kitchen & bath

There are SO many ways to make your home feel more luxurious. These two simple swaps can elevate your kitchen and bathroom instantly...and even without spending much money or time.

Change out the Cheap Soap Dispensers

You probably knew we would mention this one right!? When trying to elevate and style a kitchen or bathroom, we always use a pretty soap dispenser. We most definitely refill the nice dispenser with cheaper soap though! I love amber glass bottles with pretty labels or the Savon brand soap.

A nice soap dispenser feels more luxurious. We like to use something neutral or glass. When using glass, refill with clear soap.

Get Rid of Those Dirty Hand Towels

Is this one obvious? Sometimes not…and that’s why it’s included here. We all kind of become “nose blind” to our hand towels. I’ve been guilty of keeping a stained towel for way too long just like everyone else.

When refreshing a kitchen or bath, definitely don’t skip this step. A fresh and clean hand towel feels like a simple luxury but it really can go a long way in making a space feel clean and well cared for.

Just look how fresh & clean those towels are in this bathroom by Emily Henderson. Imagine if dingy towels were in their place. Ewww.

Are you guilty of either of these??

This week I challenge/encourage you to freshen up your kitchen or bath (or both) by ditching the dirty towels & cheap plastic soap dispenser.

Below we've added some of our favorites!

*Affiliate Disclosure-shopping our links helps us earn a small commission from retail stores with no extra cost to you. Thanks for shopping through the links & supporting small businesses.

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