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How to Decorate with Black

Black has always been a classic but is having a huge moment in home design the last few years. It’s not just showing up in one particular design style but crosses over into many styles. We also love how it can add a bit of masculinity to a space.

We used a lot of black accents in our most recent flip house. The fireplace is black roman clay (below). Also look at the little accents (coffee table, light fixture, dining chairs, door hardware).

Adding a touch of black is like adding the mascara to your eyes! Or using a sharpie to outline your watercolor art...does anyone remember doing that as a kid? A little bit of black has a grounding effect and can draw your eye in a particular direction. It's defining!

If you’d like a few ideas of how to add a little bit of black to your life…we’ve got you!

A small dose of black-

Fixtures, Textiles, and furniture.

One inexpensive and easy way to add a hint of black to your kitchen or bathroom is to swap out the hardware. With a basic screwdriver you can complete this project in no time at all.

The modern black hardware balances out the cottage cabinets in this recent client project.

Another simple way to add a small dose of black is to paint a piece of furniture. One of our favorites is to add black nightstands into a bedroom. This piece used to be oak. It was showing some wear & tear. Painting it black freshened it up and also created a nice juxtaposition with the oak bed and white lamp.

A larger dose of black-

If you are wanting to add a little more black, a feature wall or focal point like a fireplace is a perfect way to get a good dose of it! It makes a statement for sure!

If you are wanting a big moody dose of black—

Black countertops make a big impact! Even though this kitchen has black stained upper cabinets, black countertops, and black hardware it doesn't appear too dark at all. It's balanced out well & looks defined and modern while still giving off classic vibes.

You could also do a black room. Yes the whole room! Or just all the walls.

Yep. It’s a whole mood. We are all in favor for trying out something fun like painting a whole room black. I will caution you though…maybe try it out in a “safer” room like a powder bath or smaller bedroom. A powder room is a perfect place to experiment with fun! It’s usually a much smaller space so easier to change when you want.

In the most recent flip house. we painted the walls black. I love how the dark walls contrast with the white tile and white sink. The black grout ties it all together perfectly.

Are you ready to add some black accents (big or small) to your life yet???

Below we've compiled some of our favorites for you!

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