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It's Generational

Austin and I come from generational entrepreneurship both inside Huntington County and beyond. For Austin, his families entrepreneurship begins from generations of farmers in Huntington County. On my side of the family, entrepreneurship comes from generations of owning small businesses in Indiana.

As you can see, hard work and having vision for our own business runs in the family. As Austin and I began to learn so much from making our house into a home. People began to ask about what we were doing and showed an interest in our personal home journey. To be honest, I loved it and Austin, like always, was so supportive & willing to help make it happen. We started getting asked to help with projects in other peoples homes, just happy to share the knowledge we had learned. Little did we know what began as learning for ourselves turned into us seeing a greater future.

If you know me at all, you know that I don't have small dreams. Austin has always been the biggest supporter of my dreams and that didn't change when a family from church asked us to refresh their basement. We took a leap of Faith & created our company, HomeGrown and set out on our very first project together and from that project, the dream became a reality.

We are both so grateful for the legacy that has been given to us from multiple generations. Hard work is never easy, but it's always worth it! We are living examples of dreaming big dreams and working hard. Now we get to Dream, Design, and Create with our clients!

So dream your dreams and work hard to see it happen!

- Taryn

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