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Light & Airy Living Room & Foyer Refresh

Words that describe this design board? Tranquil, Cozy, Calm, Orderly, Peaceful, Minimal, Muted. What words would you add?

When sourcing items for a room design, we have several are a few!

-To stay within the planned budget. When we read your questionnaire and talk face-to-face or through video chat, we make sure to get a clear direction on what price ranges we should shop.

-To blend the old with the new. In this case, we are keeping the side tables & 2 recliners. Adding in the rug, curtains, sofa, and lamps will make the old & new look cohesive. Having to work around certain pieces is very normal. We DO love total room makeovers but 90% of our job is to work with existing pieces.

-To achieve the "feel" the homeowner desires. Some want us to be bold & energetic. Some want peaceful & calm.

In this case, the homeowner wanted a very neutral and subdued palette. She asked for black, white, gray, and some greenery. She was also considering a grid wall install in the foyer. Our design board helps with visualizing it.

How about one more example of how we cater to needs...

In this home, we were asked that no pillows be added to the design.

As you might imagine, pillows are definitely a staple piece in a living room or bedroom design. However, they are pointless in the functionality of this room because the two precious pups like to destroy them. Haha! Real life.

Shopping links for the foyer & living room are below.

*Affiliate Disclosure-shopping our links helps us earn a small commission from retail stores with no extra cost to you. Thanks for shopping through the links & supporting small businesses.

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