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Meet me at the Market

HG Market on Vine is going to be a multi-functional space. You can come grab your favorite Coffee d'Vine drink, shop the market full of amazing products, and schedule a meeting with a designer. We are so excited for you to come in and shop with us!

"Meet me at Coffee d" was once a saying and while this is coming back, we believe "meet me at the market" is going to be added to your list! Included in the market will be: home décor items, wall art, book shelf styling items, furniture, boutique clothing for sizes S-3XL, children's items, and a full offering of makers items from small business makers with a dream!

This is going to be a space you don't just want to visit, but you want to stay and come back often! The items in the market will be ever changing to keep things new for our customers. We cannot wait for you to meet us at the Market!

- Taryn

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