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Reviving Coffee d'Vine

If you ever walked through the doors of Coffee d, it can go without saying, but it was not just a place to get good coffee. Coffee d'Vine was a place where everyone was welcome. It didn't matter what age you were, where you came from, or what you were doing it was the place to be in town. From morning coffee for business people, to crochet groups and friends having coffee together during the day, to after school hangouts and Open Mic Friday nights, there was something special about Coffee d that just had to be experienced.

We have been asked several times, why revive a coffee shop? If you haven't read our previous posts, I would encourage you to go back and read "How it all Began". Let's just say, Coffee d'Vine was how "we" - Austin and I, began. We met and worked together at Coffee d. Our story began in the coffee shop and since then coffee has always been apart of "us".

As we began our business, we always had a dream to revive a coffee shop that had the "feel" of Coffee d. Yes I said, "feel". I guess you just had to be there to understand!!

In November of 2021, the same building that housed Coffee d became available. We knew we wanted to go see it and just see if this was a possibility. After much planning and praying, we decided this was the right decision to rent out the building and have our interior design business have a space of its own to meet with clients. To add on to everything, we would love to revive Coffee d in the process of this new space!

We then reached out to the previous owner and she gave her blessing for us to use the name "Coffee d'Vine". We couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to bring such a special place to us and to the community back into Huntington! Coffee d will be housed inside of HG Market on Vine. You will also find many other brands of home décor, furniture, boutique clothing, makers products, and more!!

Find out more about HG Market on Vine in the upcoming post!

- Taryn

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