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my name is Taryn

HOMEGROWN was once a dream, but now is a reality. While we are living and being able to enjoy doing what we love to do, we know there is more. We don't intend to settle in anyway, but do just the opposite, we have bigger dreams for our business and for our clients.


Tremendous growth has happened over the last few years and for that we are grateful. We do believe the best is yet to come. There are more opportunities for growth than ever before. With more people spending more time in their homes, they want to create a space where they feel at peace and we intend to help them accomplish just that. We also see opportunities for growth in the commercial side as, business owners want to provide a place where customers want to return and tell others about their experience.


To us, HOMEGROWN, is not just a business, its a family. We care deeply about our clients and want to ensure that each client is seen, heard, and is beyond excited to see the finished work when we are done. Having a space where you belong and those who you love belong is worth it all!

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